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Love Pack
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All we need is love … so said the Beatles! So, to help people feel the love shayana crew put together a love pack. Sex Potion 69 is a libido spray adequate for men and women. Increases lust and so your sexual desire! Sex-e lets you enjoy enhanced pleasures, increased stamina, better blood flow, and greater fulfillment.  Damiana it’s an herb known a long time ago as aphrodisiac. It increases blood circulation and stimulates the genital area. It was also used by the ancient Aztecs as a cure for impotence. Muira Puama is also a known herb for its aphrodisiac effects. It increases potency so it will be perfect to boost up your love life. All that together with 2 condoms so you don’t forget to play it safe


Spray Sex Potion 69 under your tongue 15 minutes before you want the effects to kick in.
Sex-e take 2 or 3 capsules one hour prior to the desired effect with a glass of water or fruit juice.
Damania could be either smoked or drinked as tea. To make the tea, boil 10 to 15 grams with 1 liter of water for 5 minutes.
Muira Puama : boil around 10 grams with 1 liter of water for minutes. After drinking the effect will came in about 25 to 30 minutes.


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