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Libido Natural

Libido Natural
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Libido Natural is part of the new generation of post-viagra aphrodisiacs that really work.
It's 100% natural formula guarantees an increase of sensibility on the genital area and longer erections.

Libido Natural can also be taken by women to add an extra dimension to the sexual activity.
Libido Natural is safe product providing that you respect the provided instructions however we advise you not to take Libido Natural:
- In case of heart problems
-during pregnancy
-In case of oversensitivity to one of the ingredients
-in combination with medication

Take one capsule Libido Natural with plenty of water one hour before sexual activity

Do not take more than one capsule in 24 hours


Serving size 1 capsule
Serving per container 550mg

Codonopsis 50mg
Lycium fruit 35 mg
Rubus 40 mg
Horny Goat Weed 55 mg
Angelica root 35 mg
Eucommia 45 mg
Cuscuta 40 mg

Other Ingredients : Achyranthes, Atractylodes, Astragalus, Biota Seeds, Cherokee rose-hip, Cinnamon bark, Cistanche, Cornus, Discorea, Fleece-Flower Root, Ginkgo, Howlen, Jujube, Licorice, Polygala, Rehmannia Schisandra, White Peony root.
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Germany , Norway , Switzerland

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