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Grace Glass Dublin Bong

Grace Glass Dublin Bong
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GG_Dublin_Bong_PremiumKit_b.jpg Grace Glass Dublin Bong GG_Dublin_Bong_PremiumKit.jpg Grace Glass Dublin Bong
An exquisite addition to any bong collection, this lovely bong is made of robust heat proof borosilicate glass, combining strength and elegance together to produce an amazing piece of glass art that is sure to give you an awesome hit!

This Grace Glass bong features a 1x spiral percolator that bubbles up your smoke for the chilliest of tokes and a dome splashguard to prevent water from splashing into your mouth. Some ice notches can hold a few cubes, for cooling your smoke, and a kick hole at the height of the socket will offer you the option of enjoying a different toke angle. It boasts walls with a thickness of 5mm and green accents throughout. Along the tube you’ll find beautifully shaped glass beads leading to a smooth mouthpiece ring. A must have for any bong lover!

Premium Kit includes:
Luxury leather case including a grinder, a silicon jar, a dome, a glass nail, an adapter, 5 screens and a Titanium dabber, supporting thus also oil use.

55mm / 45mm
Clear with Green accents

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