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Energy Pak
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Today, “energy” supplements are often synonymous with “thermogenics.” That’s because thermogenics like ephedrine can produce a dramatic energy boost. These same thermogenics can also mobilize fat for optimal fat burning while preserving lean mass. But many people, especially women and older individuals, want to avoid ephedra (ma-huang). They don’t like the side effects this herb can cause, including jitteriness, racing heart, anxiety, and the like. For these individuals and athletes, we’ve created Energy Pak. Each packet comes complete with natural energizers including our exclusive Carbo Plus Complex, Virilin 500, along with oriental (Korean) ginseng, guarana and niacin. Carbo Plus Complex is a 100% pure high performance matrix made from granulated medium length complex carbs extracted from premium grain sources and maltodextrin. Virilin 500 is our proprietary blend of goldenseal, dong quai, gotu kola and oyster extract.


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