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Imagine if you could take a pill that would burn fat storing calories as raw energy while muscle building nutrients get shuttled to muscle cells to be used as building blocks for new muscle, all while inducing extreme thermogenisis by increasing body temperature and increasing oxygen consumption. You might think you have stumbled upon the magic pill.
What would you call this magic pill? We named it Dicana after its chemical cousin (Tricana).


DICANA™ - Naturally Occurring Metabolic Regulator is a powerful, patent pending, non stimulating dietary supplement developed to cause extreme body fat loss while sparing muscle tissue. When used as directed Dicana has the ability to raise your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR, the rate at which your body burns calories at rest) and can dramatically shift the proportion between lean body mass and adipose tissue (fat) in favor of lean body mass. Dicana works by increasing protein synthesis thru calorie repartitioning while simultaneously causing an increase in body temperature and oxygen consumption for extreme fat loss without muscle catabolism.
In the world of fat burning physiology, Dicana exerts a truly unique phenomenon, there is certainly NOTHING in today's marketplace that even comes remotely close to the powerful metabolic activity of Dicana.
You see, not only is Dicana metabolically active on its own but Dicana also has direct reversible pathways to T3, Tricana (tiratricol) and T2 and therefore acts as a precursor to these powerful fat shredding compounds. I guess you could say that Dicana is like 4 powerful fat burning supplements in one.
Dicana is a not central nervous system stimulant and thus will not give you the jitters. Enhanced results may be accomplished with a healthy diet high in protein and proper anaerobic training. Dicana™ is truly a revolutionary fat loss product and the quintessential supplement for anyone concerned with weight management or enhanced body composition.
There is no other product on the market that can make these claims and there is no there product on the market nearly as effective as the fat incinerator Dicana. No other company can sell you Dicana, because after we discovered this metabolite and its unique metabolic activity we filed a U.S. utility patent in order keep the competition from stealing our intellectual property.
Dicana™ was exclusively developed by ThermoLife International and is exclusively available from its authorized resellers
Pick up a bottle of Dicana™ today and see for yourself, that lean, fat free body you always wanted can finally be yours!

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