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Dinafem Autoflowering Roadrunner

Roadrunner Automatic Feminised Seeds is based on the original Lowryder.

Roadrunner Feminised
Roadrunner Feminised is the first autoflowering strain from Dinafem Seeds. It is a hybrid cross of the original Lowryder and the Dinafem 1 breeding parent strain. The ruderalis genes for this project originate in nothern Asia, Siberia and Eastern Europe from countries such as the Ukraine and Hungary. A sub-species of cannabis sativa, Ruderalis' spread over a wide geographical area tends to suggest that is a naturally occurring "mutation" from hemp and seed crops in response to local conditions which enables the survival of the plant in adverse conditions, eg in short and cold growing seasons.

The Joint Doctor was the first breeder to recognise the value that such genetic material might offer the cannabis breeding community with its characteristics of rapid growth and maturation. The breeding of these genes with psychoactive indica and sativa strains gives rise to strains which produce a very worthwhile crop in record time.

Roadrunner automatic can be grown in a wide range of environmennts and is fully mature in only 60 days from germination. Indoors or in pots this strain enjoys plenty of "leg-room" and needs a minimum of 4 litres of soil / substrate but responds better to much more, eg 20 litres or even more. Maximum growth is achieved with 20 hours of continuous light although outdoors it can do well when planted anytime between April and September but overly wet soil / substrate is to be avoided.

Roadrunner Automatic specifics:
Cannabis genetics: Lowryder x Dinafem 1
Type: Ruderalis hybrid
Flowering: 40 - 50 days from start of flowering
Harvest: 60 days after germination
Environment: Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse

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