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San T3
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New research now proves you can get shredded deeper than many pro's once you discover why thyroid hormone is to fat-burning... what testosterone and growth hormone are to muscle-building. T-3™ by SAN takes the fat-burning process to a completely new level. With T-3™, bodybuilders can now support vastly elevated thyroid hormone levels... but without any damage to their natural production.

That's because T-3™ actually makes your thyroid gland support the production of more thyroid hormones on a continual basis.

99% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Z&E Guggulsterones
Increases Thyroid hormone production
Does not shut down Natural Thyroid hormone production
Increases Metabolism
Enhances Protein Synthesis
Increases Lipolysis (Fat loss)
Lowers Cholesterol
Improves Skin Texture

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