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Amnesia Lemon

Amnesia Lemon
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Cannabis Cup: Sativa Cup Winner 2007

This strain is a cross of Barney's Farm Skunk 1 phenomenon and their award winning Amnesia haze, so it was surely destined to be a winner!

The unmistakable Amnesia flavor combined with the power and resilience of Skunk 1... the dominant high is definitely sativa, but amazingly, the Amnesia Lemon has a flowering cycle of just 9 to 10 weeks. The plant takes off vigorously from seed and needs minimum grow time before its flowering phase begins. The plant grows medium high, and delivers long strong colas, giving a distinct lemon flavor and taste, with an uplifting and cerebral high.

Type: sativa/indica
Yield: 500gr/m2
Height: 70-80cm
Flower time: 65-75 days
Harvest time: early october
THC: 20.5%
CBD: 0.7%
Genetics: Skunk1/Amnesia Haze

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Germany , Norway , Switzerland

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