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Dutch Passion Blue Moonshine

Dutch Passion Blue Moonshine
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Blue Moonshine ®
Blue Moonshine is one of the earliest maturing members of the Blue Family. This hybrid originated in the early 1990s. Not a commercial variety, this super potent Blueberry – Indica, covered with standing THC trichomes. Taste and high are impressive, a connaiseurs delight. Characteristic is the long lasting narcotic body high. The average yield is is compensated by the pure quality of the smoke. Short (80 cm) stout Kush plants that produce dense, tight, rock-hard nuggets of trichome-coated bud. A true "hash plant".

flowering period: 9 weeks
harvest time outdoor: mid Nov.
yield: average
In die folgenden Länder versenden wir dieses Produkt nicht:
Germany , Norway , Switzerland

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