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Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough is a sativa dominant cannabis strain that gives you a combination of taste and fun high. The strawberry taste might be a little hard to find, but Strawberry Cough undeniably has a very diverse and interesting taste, ranging from a fruity to an earthier flavour.

Strawberry cough isn’t a newbie strain. Growers will need some experience to handle this girl. And for this you will be highly rewarded with a very active and fun high. This green baby is perfectly suited for social occasions, like making music or simply taking a stroll around the city.

Sativa Dominant
Indica X Sativa
Feminised Cannabis Seeds
9 weeks


You get the right mix of an uplifting body effect and a positive cerebral effect. There’s no come-down but if you light up too many you will get a – surprise surprise – sleepy feeling.
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Germany , Norway , Switzerland

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Under a 450 watt Metal halide and HPS bulb I yielded 2.35 ounces. Great Bud and very very sticky. Also I used 0-5-0 bat guano. It did not improve yield but I'm sure it improved the quality.

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