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Dinafem Feminized Santa Sativa

Dinafem Feminized Santa Sativa
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Santa Sativa Feminised
Santa Sativa Feminised is another Dinafen strain which needs plenty of light, water and nutrients to show what it is capable of. In addition it does best with a substrate ph of less than 6.3 in order to avoid micro-nutrient deficiencies which can severely compromise a plant's ability to fully realise its potential. In the correct conditions this is a strain that grows vigorously and appreciates plenty of space to fill out. It also responds well to SCROG systems indoors and to bending outdoors in order to restrict height.

Santa Sativa produces aromas of wood and pine resin with some spiciness noticeable. After drying these scents become more pronounced. A strong, clear "up" high effect, amplified by the presence of THCV, with a gentle come-down.

Santa Sativa specifics:
Cannabis genetics: Haze x (Skunk x Northern Lights)
Type: Saiva dominant
Flowering: 9 - 10 weeks
Harvest: October outdoors northern hemisphere
Environment: Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse
THC: 16 - 20%

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