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Ask Ed: Marijuana Gold - Trash To Stash

Ask Ed: Marijuana Gold - Trash To Stash
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Ask Ed: Marijuan Gold - Trash to stash
Don't toss that trash - transform it
Marijuana leaf and trim is often called trash. It's too harsh to smoke, but contains THC, the ingredient that creates the high. Using simple, safe techniques, you can make:
Kief - THC glands are easily removed from vegetation. They can be pressed to make hashish.
Water Hash - Using ice and water, create super clean, super powerfull hash from leaf.
Edibles - The best way to prepare cannabis cuisine.
Tinctures - extracts are hassle-free to make and inconspicuous to use.
vaporizers- Find out how they work and read rewies of all major models.

Ask Ed: Marijuan gold - trash to stash brings together the top methods for transforming leaf and trim into valuable stash. No other book gives you so many ways to maximize the harvest. Let Ed Rosenthal be your guide to marijuana gold.

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