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Stone Incense Holder
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The Shishkaberry cannabis strain is a delightful sensory journey, offering notes of fresh berries, earth, and a subtle hint of spice. It gifts the user with a high that's potent, serene, and deeply comforting. Shishkaberry, also known as "Kish", is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain derived by crossing DJ Short Blueberry with an unknown Afghani strain.

A complex bouquet that evokes the image of a berry-laden forest greets your senses, followed by the onset of a profound body-focused euphoria. The Shishkaberry strain has something to offer every cannabis enthusiast. Its indica dominance ensures a relaxing, tranquil experience, while the touch of sativa introduces an element of thoughtful introspection and creativity.

This makes it the ideal strain for an evening session, providing an escape from stress and negativity, and ushering in a state of calm and contentment.

Why Choose Shiska Berry?
• Promotes relaxation and tranquility.
• Elevates mood and fosters a peaceful mindset.
• Stimulates creativity and introspective thinking.
• May offer relief from pain and discomfort.
• Enhances appetite, useful for those with reduced hunger.
• Provides a unique, enjoyable experience with its berry-rich flavor and aroma.


The Shishkaberry strain greets you with a powerful, serene high. While it provides a potent experience, it is not overwhelming. Users appreciate its calming buzz and its ability to uplift mood, instill relaxation, and alleviate stress. This is an indica-leaning hybrid with a unique lineage, descending from the renowned DJ Short Blueberry and a mysterious Afghani ancestor.


The robust potency of Shishkaberry makes it a preferred choice for medicinal cannabis patients seeking alleviation from symptoms tied to stress, discomfort, and mood imbalances. This strain features a unique, fruity flavor profile with notes of fresh berries, earth, and subtle spices. Shishkaberry blooms into dense buds rich in trichome coverage with a display of vibrant amber hairs nestled within its deep green foliage.


• Type: feminised
• Genetics: Afghani x Skunk #1
• Photoperiod: normal photoperiod (standard light cycle for growth and flowering)
• Sativa/Indica Ratio: sativa-dominant hybrid, 80% sativa / 20% indica
• Climate: It thrives in hot and temperate climates
• Flowering Time: 49 to 63 days
• Outdoor Harvest Month/Week: late-September to early-October
• Indoor Height: 80 - 90cm.
• Indoor Yield: 400 - 500 gr/m²
• Outdoor Height: 180 - 220cm
• Outdoor Yield: 1 kilo per plant
• Taste: citrus, fruity, and sweet flavor profile
• Aroma: notes of citrus, earthiness, and sweetness
• Effect: energizing, uplifting, and focus-enhancing effects
• Cultivation: indoor and outdoor
• Medical Level: moderate, often used for stress, depression, and fatigue.
• Growing Difficulty: moderate, suitable for experienced growers

*Please note that each strain's unique characteristics can greatly depend on the environmental conditions they're grown in, as well as the care and attention they receive from the grower.

**Values obtained in a plant grown in optimal conditions. These may vary according to the external factors of each crop.


All product information is provided for informational and educational purposes only. The information is obtained from breeders and Shayana Seeds cannot guarantee its accuracy. Shayana Seeds offers cannabis seeds as a collectable adult genetic preservation souvenir and reserves the right to refuse sale to anyone we think might use them for cultivating cannabis in countries where it’s illegal.

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