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My Weigh Palmscale 6.0

My Weigh Palmscale 6.0
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The Palmscale is the world’s first rechargeable pocket scale, the rechargeable function of the scale not only saves money with reduced battery costs but is also eco friendly with the reduction of toxic waste from disposable batteries. The Palmscale uses the Easycharge docking station to charge the unit when it is not in use. Featuring a stainless steel weighing platform, large expansion tray and expansion bowl with a large backlit LCD display.

This scale is dripping with high quality features, the use of a hydraulic hinge for the opening and closing of the lid gives it a nice smooth opening operation. Added extras include: one touch calibration, protective full-length hard shell and protective pouch, stainless steel calibration weight, built in scoop and gem tweezers.

Weighing Units:
grams (g), ounces (oz), carats (ca), troy ounces (ozrt), pennyweight (dwt)
250g x 0.1g
140 grams
scale: 12cm x 8cm, Main Pan: 7cm x 6cm, Medium Pan 11cm x 7cm, Large Pan: 14cm x 9cm

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