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Indian Elements Salvia Extract 40X

The most powerful salvia divinorum extract to date, this 40% extract is perfect for the exploration of the subconscious, always triggering intense experiences...satisfaction guaranteed!

Salvia divinorum is a soft-leaved green plant, native to Southern Mexico, which contains a powerful psychoactive chemical known as Salvinorin. S. divinorum has been used traditionally in Mexico for healing and divination and became available in the underground psychedelic culture around the world starting in the early 1990's. S. divinorum is also known as "la pastora" / "the shepherdess", "the leaves of the shepherdess", "diviner's mint" or "diviner's sage", and in context simply as "Salvia". There are many species and varieties within the genus 'Salvia' and plants commonly found in garden stores are almost certainly not S. divinorum unless specifically labeled as such.

Strong effects can be difficult to attain from smoking dried leaf, but extracts and potency-bred leaves can cause dramatic, sometimes frightening, and completely enfolding entheogenic mind-states. Many people who try S. divinorum do not find the effects at all pleasant and choose not to repeat the experience. Salvia divinorum is traditionally used by chewing pairs of leaves. Modern use includes both smoking and chewing the leaves. When the leaves are chewed, the quid and bitter juice are held in the mouth to increase absorption.

1) Uncontrollable hysterical laughter.
2) Becoming objects (candle, chair, vegetable,…)
3) Overlapping realities. Being in several locations at once.
4) Loss of the body or identity.
5) Entering a 2-dimensional world.
6) Revisiting places from the past.
7) Weird physical sensations, being pulled or twisted.

Traditionally, Salvia is consumed by chewing the leaves for a long time and then swallowing them, or by drinking it as tea. Both methods aren’t very appetizing and you need to consume a large number of leaves. Nowadays, the most common way to take Salvia is to smoke it in a joint or (water-) pipe. If you’re not a regular smoker, then the water-pipe may be the best option.
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Unglaublich Prozent und sehr stark auf jeden Fall nur etwas für Leute mit einer langjährigen Halluzinogen Erfahrung

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