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Raw Hemp Wick

Raw Hemp Wick
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RAW_Hemp_Wick_4m.jpg RAW Hemp Wick
RAW® Hemp Wick™ is a natural alternative to butane lighters and matches.

The Raw Hemp Wick is an excellent way to light your smoking herbs or tobacco, if being organic and natural is important to you. Made with organic hemp and beeswax, the Raw Hemp Wick will burn nicely every time. Simply light the wick with any flame and use it to light your smoke. Extinguish after every use. By using Raw Hemp Wicks, you’ll be preventing harmful butane and toxins from mixing with your herbs. Plus, Raw Hemp Wicks are a great economic alternative to lighters.

Available sizes:
Small = 1 meter / 3.3ft
Large = 4 meters / 13ft

Instructions: Light end, tilt up or down to control flame.

All RAW® Hemp Wick™ packs, display boxes and cards are printed on recycled and, or hemp paper.

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