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Product X Dermasize

Product X Dermasize
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With an upcoming ban of pro-hormones rapidly approaching, most supplement companies are scrambling to find products that will replace these wonderful compounds. As most have probably noticed, there has been a rush of “test boosters” and similar products coming out, that are for the most part the same old compounds, just in different capsules and prettier bottles. Unfortunately, for most people, current prohormone replacements will give the same type of results that they have in the past, which are slim to none.

Some replacement compounds, both new and old, do however have promise. The problem has typically been more of a delivery issue than an inherent issue with the compound itself not being effective. Much as original oral prohormones showed little to no results, due to first pass breakdown by the liver or short duration of action, these compounds have some of the same issues to be overcome to be really effective.

For an example, let’s consider for a moment, the king of all steroids, good old testosterone. If you were to get a massive amount of straight testosterone capsules, you would find that this powerful hormone has little to no effect on body composition. The reasons for this are twofold. The first being that testosterone is a terrible compound orally. Close to 90% of it will be knocked out by your liver in the first pass and turned into inactive hormones. For example, if you took 100mg of oral testosterone, perhaps 5 oto 10 mg would actually be active in the body. The second issue is duration of action. Straight, base testosterone would be active in your body for roughly 15 minutes before it is destroyed by the many enzymes meant to deactivate such hormones. Therefore, you would need to be taking high doses of testosterone pills every 15 minutes for the whole day to maintain steady elevated testosterone levels to give you a growth response. Obviously, this raises the question, “If testosterone itself is that poor of an oral compound, what other compounds out there have the same limitations, and were therefore written off as useless, because dosing was in an oral form?”

This simple example was the basis of our thinking at LegalGear when we approached the problem of a truly successful non-hormonal anabolic. After researching many compounds that were often written off as ineffective and some new superstars to the supplement industry, we found success! Then, after exhaustive testing of these compounds, at first in house and finally publicly, we know we have your answer. If you fear the ban on pro-hormones, don’t want to use them or can’t get them, you finally have a safe anabolic for women and men, even under 21, and people looking to bridge their pro-steroid cycle and keep their gains or even gain even more muscle!

Product X: Derma-size is newest next generation of mass-gaining supplements, and one product that was the results of that research. While pro-hormones have their place in the supplement industry, many people like women and those under 21 cannot use pro-hormones safely and pro-hormones are due to be banned any day. We have developed a product that is pro-hormone free but still increases mass and does not have the potential side effects pro-hormones can cause. Product X: Derma-size contains natural ingredients that reduce catabolism and promote an anabolic environment in the body, which is exactly what you need to grow. Users are experiencing greatly increased recovery and incredible gains that rival all but the most powerful pro-hormones and pro-steroids.

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