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Clavo Huasca - Tynanthus Panurensis

Clavo Huasca - Tynanthus Panurensis
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Clavo Huasca is a tropical vine used for its effects as an aphrodisiac, a natural stimulant and libido-booster, for both men and women. When the vine is cut, a Maltese cross appears in the wood. 


Clavo Huasca has been considered a very effective aphrodisiac for a long time. The indigenous people of the Amazon in Peru and Brazil have used it traditionally against nausea, diarrhea and toothaches. It can be used as a remedy for impotence in men, and is commonly used for women to induce the libido.


Clavo Huasca is taken in the form of a tea. Boil water and mix 1 or 2 teaspoons of the Clavo Huasca. Let this steep for 5-10 minutes before drinking. You should start to feel the effects after 30 minutes.


100% Natural Clavo Huasca from the Amazon


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