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Natural Sterol Extreme

Natural Sterol Extreme
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More than fifteen years ago, Natural Sterol Complex was introduced to the bodybuilding community. In that time, this natural alternative to anabolic steroids has remained among our top sellers year after year. With a new body of science growing behind the benefits of plant sterols, additional sterols have become commercially available.

Welcome to the all new Natural Sterol Extreme. Like its cousin, the original Natural Sterol Complex, Natural Sterol Extreme is loaded with performance aminos, EFAs, energy substrates, and of course, powerful sterols. But now there are two key differences. First, you also get a new class of flavones and steroidal saponins for additional gains. Second, Natural Sterol Extreme comes equipped with an all new thermogenic compound which has been engineered to dramatically help boost energy levels, intensify workouts, and enhance thermogenesis.

The real core of Natural Sterol Extreme naturally lies in its Sterol Extreme Complex. We’ve taken the tried and true elements from the original, plant sterols like fucosterol, stigmasterol, campesterol, beta-sitosterol, and we’ve added some cutting-edge ingredients–anabolic agents like methoxyisoflavone, beta-ecdysone, Triboxybol™, and Isoflavonol™. Together, these plant sterols, flavones, and steroidal saponins can exert powerful anabolic effects by increasing nutrition-partitioning; protein synthesis; nitrogen retention; and the release of endogenous testosterone.


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