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Animal Snak

Animal Snak
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Sometimes big things come in small packages. Animal Snak is deceptively small, but a nutritionally huge training bar that comes packed with 30 grams of quality protein and 35 grams of high-yield carbohydrates for energy. Like many conventional “meal replacement” bars, Animal Snak has important vitamins and minerals. But unlike those puny bars, Animal Snak also contains anabolic and ergogenic nutrients such as glutamine, cobamamide, phosphates, ginseng, betaine, EFAs, papain, chromium, and more. Whether you’re on your way to train, or you’ve just finished, Animal Snak is the perfect training snack. Because of its convenient size, you can take it anywhere with you; because it’s so nutritionally dense, Animal Snak can replace your favorite post-training shake when you need to. Animal Snak is available in a delicious Chocolate-Peanut Crunch flavor.

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