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Methoxylon is One Of the World's Best Performance Enhancing Compounds!

The great news about isoflavones has begun to spread as soy products have become increasingly popular. These interesting and potent compounds not only support low cholesterol levels and inhibit the effects of various carcinogens but they also promote increased muscle mass and decreased fat stores. Now, imagine a select few isoflavones which are vastly more potent than those contained in soy and which cause dramatic positive changes to your metabolism. Isolate these metabolic gemstones and voila—Proxylon and Methoxylon. Research from Hungary demonstrates that the active components in Proxylon and Methoxylon have the ability in vertebrates to increase energy, muscle mass and strength while simultaneously supporting both decreased fat mass and low cholesterol levels. Proxylon and Methoxylon are perfect for men, women and children who want to be more fit and healthy and who want to look better. These compounds don’t need to be cycled like most other ergogenic aids! Methoxylon is more expensive but works 100-200better than Proxylon. Because of poor bioavailability, Proxylon and Methoxylon are combined with our Nano Dissolution Technology (NDT) for proper efficacy. 90 capsules per bottle.

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