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Copper Tops Spawn Bag

Psilocybe subaeruginosa is a species originally only found in Australia and New Zealand, described for the first time in 1927 by J Cleland (probably the most renowned Australian mycologist of the 20th century). It has a dark brown hat and a white stem, reason why it’s nicknamed Copper tops. These mushrooms can turn bluish-green with age or under pressure (for example, when they are picked).Describe by some as fragrant and aromatic these mushrooms are considered moderately to potently active. This species is ideal for outdoor growing having its season from May trough August.


Produces 2-3 flushes of mushrooms every season and the harvest increases year after year!


Buy a bag of woodchips and choose a shady spot in your garden, mix the spawn bag with the chips and keep them wet! Is that simple or what? :)


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