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Beginners Mushroom Growkit

Growing mushrooms from an already prepared growkit it’s not fun anymore so, for the people that want to give a step forward in mushroom cultivation Shayanashop putted together a beginner’s mushroom growkit that will guide you thru all the steps you have to follow to grow your mushrooms at home from scratch.  This way you will get knowledge to experiment further into the mushroom world.
With this grow kit you will get :
1,1 liters vermiculite
250 gr rice flour
3 Polypropylene filterpacht bags
3 plastic containers with lids
1 Psilocybe cubensis “Golden Teacher” syringe
1 sterile mask
1 pair of sterile gloves
6 elastic bands
1 instructions booklet 
Now you just have to put your hands to work. Good luck and good harvest!
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Germany , Norway , Switzerland , United Kingdom

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Good Growkit, although the instructions are not so good, check out for great grow tecks. Also u dont have to have a pressure cooker, u can steam sterilize, for more info checkout the youtube video: Let's Grow Mushrooms! pf tek


Great kit, but the cake is not done for you. So you need a presure cooker to make the cake, just a reminder. otherwise great kit with good instructions.

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